Youth Mentorship

All For One (AF1) Fitness and Mentoring changes the lives of young people through Christian mentorship from an approach of fitness and personal development based on biblical principles.

“AF1 is really about the one. We believe that every one matters. We believe that you have a place and a purpose in this world that only you can fill. And we’ll be in your corner to help you pursue that purpose.” Michelle Mundraby

“A powerful thing happens when potential is recognised and nurtured in a person. Once they’re aware and actively pursuing their purpose – that’s where greatness begins.”
Fred Mundraby

AF1 Fitness & Mentoring

Fred and Michelle Mundraby are the founders of this essential and highly effective program for youth. Fred and Michelle are Certified Fitness Trainers and hold a Diploma of Leadership Ministry.

Having overcome adversity in their youth and as young adults, they have worked hard to obtain education, training and experience. They use this knowledge, combined with Fred’s previous boxing and training experience as former dual division Australian Professional Boxing Champion, to help young people discover the benefit of a purposeful life. They have proven that you can change from living a life that is reactive to your environment to a life that creates change in whichever environment you’re in.

How the Program Works

A 10-week program that consists of basic but varied training plans, AF1 operates on the belief that the support and encouragement that comes from having a mentor makes all the difference in a person’s life. Even greater is the effect of the unconditional love and acceptance of our heavenly Father. Fred and Michelle act as mentors and as conduits for the love of Christ as they train and encourage the youth in this program.

In this program, young people find their self-worth by learning the value they have in God’s eyes, and they learn how to choose a life that is healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is the ultimate anti substance, anti-abuse, and anti-suicide program because it is rooted in God’s Word and it produces LIFE.

Want to Know More?

For more information or to participate in the program, you can contact Fred and Michelle using the details below!

Phone: 0439 276 316