About Us

Stephen & Rachel Macri

“Our three main goals- evangelise, equip, and encourage- are centered around growth, spiritual and personal. We want people to grow in their faith and to learn who they are in Christ so that they can live the life that He desires for them and walk in the victory that He died to give them.” ~ Rachel

“We know and believe that the plan of God for each person is to live a redeemed, victorious life. We want to not only spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but also His mission- that He came so that we can have and enjoy life in abundance and to the full. We will teach, preach, pray, and go wherever He leads us to fulfill the will of God for our lives and for our ministry . ” ~ Stephen

Our Story

Freedom Harvest Ministries International was launched in 2010 when Stephen and Rachel Macri, along with their 3 children, moved from the United States of America to Australia. The move was not just physical, from one hemisphere of the world to another, but spiritual: a transition from part time ministry through their local church to full time ministry as missionary evangelists.

“While praying about the move, God gave us a vision of two flaming arrows that shot up from the United States, went around the globe, and landed in Australia. The area where the arrows landed caught on fire and then fires began to spring up in all directions until those fires began to connect and spread further.” ~ Rachel Macri

Freedom Harvest Ministries International was birthed by ministering to people in a homeless shelter. Stephen and Rachel showed people the love of Christ and word quickly spread of the “pastors from America” who would pray for people and God answered their prayers. The ministry expanded to include women’s shelters, hospital ministry, and street ministry.

Freedom Harvest Ministries International quickly grew further to include the Indigenous Communities around Cairns and throughout Cape York. Bringing clothes, food, supplying transport, and medical equipment, the work in one community led to another and another, working with and developing a team of caring volunteers.

Freedom Harvest Ministries International soon enlarged its area of influence to include trips into the South Pacific Islands including: Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, the Cook Islands, Samoa and American Samoa, and Fiji.

Freedom Harvest Ministries International operates primarily throughout Australia and the South Pacific. Through evangelism, mentorship, and public speaking, FHMI is working with people from diverse backgrounds to bring hope, help, and the love of God to those who are seeking a connection to God and to a community who cares about them.

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